The Bal Puraskar is a prestigious Indian award presented annually by the Government of India to children between the ages of 5 and 18 years who have displayed outstanding accomplishments in various fields. From arts and sports to social service and innovation, these young achievers are celebrated and awarded for their extraordinary achievements.

Among the Bal Puraskar recipients were children who had founded successful startups, created revolutionary inventions, and initiated impactful social projects. Their stories not only captivated the nation but also inspired a new generation of young minds to dream big and pursue their passions fearlessly.

Holding a Bouquet of Hope: Pal Sakshi’s Pandemic Contributions

Eight-year-old Pal Sakshi emerged from the district magistrate’s office, holding his mother’s hand and an outsized bouquet, greeted by a sea of cameramen outside. While media attention surrounded him, Sakshi’s practical concerns focused on where to keep his bouquet at home. This talented young volunteer with the Swachh Bharat Mission became one of the four recipients of the prestigious Rashtriya Bal Puraskar 2022. As the country faced the challenges of the pandemic and lockdowns, Sakshi utilized his musical talents to conduct online performances for charity, raising funds for the PM Cares Fund. In addition, this pre-teen prodigy developed an app to raise Covid-19 awareness, promoting various safety measures. Despite last year’s award ceremony cancellation, the young awardees were presented with digital certificates using blockchain technology by the government.

"Shining Stars: "Bal Puraskar Winners" Inspire Change."

Inspiring the Next Generation: Bal Puraskar Awardees Foster Young Entrepreneurs

Bal Puraskar awardees have garnered widespread attention, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi recognizing their impact. During an award ceremony at the local district administrative complex, the Prime Minister emphasized the government’s efforts in promoting entrepreneurship among young people to strengthen the nation. Among the recipients was 11-year-old Meedhansh Kumar Gupta, who launched during the Janta Curfew in March 2020. He tirelessly posted pandemic-related information on his online platform and even initiated a medical helping service. Meedhansh’s active involvement in the state-level corona prevention project, Mission Fateh, earned him recognition from the government of Punjab for developing the IT portal.

"Building a Better World: "Bal Puraskar Winners" Lead the Way."

Innovative Solutions: Aakarsh Kaushal’s Impactful Portal

The Bal Puraskar winners undoubtedly possess remarkable talent and have dedicated themselves to making the world a better place. Seventeen-year-old Aakarsh Kaushal’s portal,, proved invaluable during the pandemic, providing real-time data on cases, deaths, and RT-PCR test reports in his district. His passion for coding led him to create a portal that received over 2,00,000 visitors, with RT PCR reports being directly sent to patients’ phones. Aakarsh’s portal also played a vital role in tracking the availability of beds in Karnal district during the challenging times, serving as a credible source of information for the authorities.

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"Inspirational Achievements: "Bal Puraskar" Excellence."

Empowering Responsibility: Prasiddhi Singh’s Mission to Make a Difference

Timely recognition has a profound impact on Bal Puraskar awardees. Prasiddhi Singh, the 2021 recipient for social welfare, acknowledged that the award not only brought recognition but also a sense of responsibility towards society and the planet. Rather than resting on her laurels, she remains driven to achieve more. Prasiddhi is on a mission to plant one lakh trees by the end of 2022, which she considers almost complete, and she is determined to accomplish this milestone with support from all corners.

A Catalyst for Motivation: Anjali Razdan’s Insight

Anjali Razdan, the director of academics at Meluha International School, Hyderabad, considers the Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Puraskar as a “magic mantra” that generates lifelong motivation. She believes that recognition from the Prime Minister fosters character development, builds patriotic sensibilities, and nurtures a liberated mindset, all essential elements for instilling good citizenship in children and adults alike.

A Wise Visionary: Abhinav Kumar Choudhary’s Impactful Reading Initiative

Sixteen-year-old Abhinav Kumar Choudhary received praise from the Prime Minister for his wise efforts in using technology to popularize books. Abhinav’s initiative, Cruise Books, an online store, helped 10,000 underprivileged children during the lockdowns by arranging second-hand book copies. Through this venture, he facilitated the reselling of around 30,000 books, contributing to saving approximately 19,000 trees. His web store also provides low-cost printing services all over India, making it easier to sell and collect used books.

"Igniting Hope: Empowering "Bal Puraskar Winners"."

Age Is Not a Barrier: Youngsters as Agents of Change

The Bal Puraskar awardees highlight that age is not a barrier to doing good and transforming society for the better. Their dedication to making a positive impact on the world serves as an inspiration to others. Behind their success lies the support of their families and mentors, proving that they are stars in their own right. The words of the Prime Minister resonate – young achievers possess the potential to drive transformative changes and contribute to a brighter future for all.

A Legacy of Inspiration

The legacy of the Bal Puraskar winners lives on through the countless children they have inspired. Their remarkable journeys have proven that age is no barrier to making a difference in the world. As the nation continues to celebrate the achievements of these exceptional children, it also looks forward to a future where young entrepreneurs lead the way, shaping a brighter and more innovative tomorrow.

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