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ECG On-the-Go, Sunfox's Life-Saving Innovation Redefining Cardiovascular Health in India.

Cardiovascular diseases are a leading cause of mortality worldwide, often exacerbated by limited access to healthcare facilities. In India, these diseases account for approximately 28% of all deaths. Sunfox Technologies, a Dehradun-based healthtech startup founded by Rajat Jain and Arpit Jain in August 2016, aims to change this narrative. Their journey was spurred by a personal tragedy when Rajat lost a friend to a sudden heart attack. “I hail from a rural background and have seen a lot of deaths due to unavailability of medical equipment for various reasons,” says Rajat.

Innovative Healthcare Solutions for Indian Conditions

This experience drove Sunfox Technologies to develop healthcare solutions tailored to Indian conditions, focusing on portability, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Arpit emphasizes their mission: “Our addressable domain is to prevent life-threatening stages of diseases in patients living in the remotest locations through early monitoring by cost-effective and simple devices.”

Identifying Market Gaps and Challenges

Sunfox Technologies identified several gaps in the market. They observed that existing cardiac monitoring devices for last-mile users were costly, complex, inefficient, inadequate, inconvenient, and non-portable. Rajat explains their approach: “We are solving this global health challenge by providing accessible, simple, and affordable product innovation.”

Sunfox Technologies: Redefining Cardiovascular Health in India.

Spandan: A Game-Changing Solution

Through extensive research and development, Sunfox Technologies created Spandan, their flagship product. Spandan is a lightweight, pocket-sized device that enables cardiac screening from the comfort of one’s home. “A cardiac patient can do cardiac screening by using Spandan while sitting at home, and can know about any cardiac abnormalities instantly without the assistance of a doctor,” says Rajat.

Features and Functionality

Spandan offers multiple functionalities, including self-monitoring, smartphone connectivity, detection of 12 heart dysfunctions, and support for multiple languages. Users download the app, place electrodes on their chest for readings, and store the diagnosis on their mobile phone. This data can be shared with doctors for remote consultations, potentially reducing preventable deaths. Spandan’s platform is based on artificial intelligence, merging hardware and software elements through smartphones. Importantly, it serves as a point-of-care (PoC) device and doesn’t require a trained professional’s presence.

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Sunfox Technologies: Revolutionizing Heart Health in India

In-House Tech and Scalability

Sunfox Technologies has developed the entire technology behind Spandan in-house, minimizing reliance on external vendors. The founders designed Spandan to be modular, allowing easy replication and the addition of new features. The startup deploys Spandan in healthcare institutes and caters to individual consumers. Revenue is generated through one-time device sales and recurring income from subscription services. Spandan is priced at approximately Rs 8,000 on online marketplaces, making it suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.

Portable Power: Sunfox's ECG Solutions Transforming Lives

Global Expansion and Market Competitors

While India remains their primary market, Sunfox Technologies is eyeing expansion into the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Competitors in the market include AliveCor and SanketLife Pro Plus. Rajat concludes, “I am building this venture so that I can contribute my bit to save millions of lives from preventable heart attacks. We are trying to make an impact on global health with a lean and frugal innovation approach.”

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