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From Challenges to Conquests, Major Vivek Jacob Empowering Disabilities Through Adventure Free Porn

Major Vivek Jacob, a retired Army officer with over 15 years of dedicated service to his country, found himself at a crossroads in life, pondering the age-old question of life’s purpose. Having spent a significant portion of his life dedicated to his military career, Major Vivek yearned for a break from the routine and a chance to live in the present moment. He contemplated early retirement, seeking an opportunity to disconnect from the world, read books, and find a new path.

VC : C.L.A.W – Conquer Land Air Water (Instagram)

An Unexpected Turn of Events

However, life had a different plan for Major Vivek. A chance encounter with Flight Lieutenant Bhaduria, who had been paralyzed from the waist down due to a swimming pool accident, opened his eyes to the challenges faced by people with disabilities. Witnessing his friend’s struggles and loss of hope, Major Vivek felt a deep sense of empathy and a burning desire to make a difference.

“Will I ever scuba dive again?”

Flight Lieutenant Bhaduria’s question about scuba diving resonated deeply with Major Vivek. Determined to fulfill his friend’s dream, he embarked on a journey to find a way to make it happen. He began researching stories of individuals with disabilities achieving remarkable feats and shared these inspirational tales with Bhaduria. Despite the encouragement, Bhaduria remained skeptical, saying, “I don’t think this is possible for me.” This moment became the catalyst for Major Vivek’s life-changing decision.

Founding CLAW Global: Conquering Land, Air, and Water

In 2017, Major Vivek voluntarily retired from the Army with a clear purpose in mind. He founded CLAW Global (Conquer Land, Air, Water) in 2019, a social impact organization dedicated to rehabilitating people with disabilities through sports. CLAW Global aims not only to provide training in adventure sports but also to reignite hope and positive energy in individuals facing disabilities. Major Vivek’s team consists of six core members and ten other dedicated individuals who share his vision.

Inspiring Triumphs: Major Vivek Jacob's Disability Empowerment

Training and Inspiring Individuals with Disabilities

CLAW Global focuses on training individuals with various disabilities, including paralysis, terminal illnesses, visual impairments, and amputations, in adventure sports. Major Vivek’s initial goal was to facilitate scuba diving for his friend, but he soon realized that the resources required for individuals with disabilities to participate in such sports were cost-prohibitive for individual pursuits. This realization led him to scale up his efforts, setting the stage for CLAW Global’s mission.

Scaling Up: A Journey of Hope

Major Vivek and his team embarked on a journey from Delhi to Lakshadweep, offering scuba diving training to people with disabilities. They began with Chandigarh, training 24 individuals, and soon expanded their reach to Delhi and Mumbai, where their programs met with resounding success. These experiences provided Major Vivek with invaluable insights into the lives of people with disabilities and reinforced the organization’s mission to support their healing journey and restore their zest for life.

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Major Vivek Jacob: Empowering Disabilities Through Adventure

More Than Sports: Land World Record and Soul of Steel – Himalaya

CLAW Global’s mission extends beyond adventure sports. The organization has introduced two more programs: Land World Record and Soul of Steel – Himalaya. “Soul of Steel” is a program in collaboration with the Government of India, designed to train individuals in high-altitude mountain climbing, rescue operations, life skills, and basic survival. The “Land World Record” program took a team of eight individuals with disabilities, including visual impairments and limb amputations, on a nine-day expedition to the Siachen Glacier and back.

Inspiring Confidence and Realizing Potential

One of the participants, Chonnzin Angmo, who has a visual impairment, described her experience as surreal. The expedition, which she initially thought was beyond her reach, helped her gain confidence and inspired her to push her limits. Chonnzin shared that the support of her teammates with disabilities played a crucial role in her journey.

Inclusive Thrills: Major Vivek Jacob's Sporting Revolution

Expanding Horizons: Air and Water World Record Programs

Major Vivek envisions expanding the Land World Record program into Air and Water World Record programs, where individuals with disabilities will be trained in independent skydiving and water diving. His work centers on seeking the ability within disability, harnessing the inner potential of every individual.

Joining Major Vivek’s Journey

If you are a person with a disability and aspire to experience adventure sports with Major Vivek, you can contact him to be part of this inspiring journey.

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